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The In My Life Process


Get In Touch with In My Life

Get in touch via the contact form and we will call you to talk through your requirements.


Research Chat

We will meet with the person to be interviewed and have a preliminary chat. We get to know them, and they get to know us. 
This is also the time we work out what areas we will cover in the interview.


Meet with the family

Where appropriate we will talk to family members for “must tell stories”, so we can prompt the subject accordingly.


Interview Recording

Approximately 2 weeks after the initial “research chat” we will record  an interview. 
We usually allow half a day for this.
We will request a list of family photos or videos to assist us in the illustration of the final video.


Video Review

We will then present the edited video. At this point there is an opportunity to  discuss making changes.


Editing and Delivery

The final video is presented on DVD and a USB Memory Stick in a Wooden Gift Box.


Don Paulin at In My Life

Hi, my name is Don Paulin, and this is why I created "In My Life"

"My Dad died in 2014 aged 100. Fortunately, when he was 85 I sat him down and interviewed him about his life. No one took much interest at the time – he was Dad, and he was part of our lives.

But 15 years later when he passed away we all suddenly realised the value of this recording. We had many photos from our years together, but listening to Dad telling stories of his life gave us a real sense of him as a person. Now his future Great-Grandchildren can meet him too."
- Don Paulin

I want to give the opportunity for others to save the same kind of memories as we have.

What our clients are saying about In My Life

My father’s interview flows effortlessly from one topic to another, capturing his personality and sense of humour. He is relaxed and happy to be sharing his memories and we are happy to have them. This is a great record for generations to come.

Clare Gleeson

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