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Video Stories by In My Life

We call the videos 'Video Stories' because we are capturing loved ones' stories, memories, and characters for future generations to enjoy.

Where possible we will include old family photographs/videos to illustrate their stories. The emphasis of these videos is on capturing the person’s personality, character, the things they did, the people and places they remember.

We want to hear about the things that made them laugh, the things that made them cry, the experiences that taught them valuable life lessons, and what those lessons were. They can tell these stories freely in the knowledge that they have complete control over the whole process. 

The videos are edited to be around one hour long, so that they are a stimulating and interesting video story of the person’s life, told through their memories and anecdotes.

The interview will be recorded wherever the person is most comfortable. That will usually be sitting in their favourite chair at home,  where they can relax.

Examples of Video Stories by In My Life 

Arthur and Betty Talk About Their Lives

Ken Begg Remembers The Good Old Days

Shirley Talks About Her Life

IML Shirley Clip from Motion Audio on Vimeo.

Hendrik & Cecilia Enjoy The Fun Of Their Courtship

IML Hendrik & Cecilia Clip from Motion Audio on Vimeo.

Susan Enjoys Memories from Her Youth 

In My Life Videos

  • The final product is presented as an edited video on DVD, along with a High Definition Video file on USB memory stick presented in a stylish wooden gift box.
  • The standard cost is $3,000 for a standard video.  Let your family members know, it's a cost you could split across the family.
    In My Life Videos

    Some frequently asked questions about In My Life

    How much does it cost?

    Our standard price is $3,000 incl. GST for a standard video.

    What do I get for my money?

    Anyone can make a video, but making a video that people will enjoy watching takes expertise, time and machinery.  No one wants to watch a replay of a 5-day cricket test match, but we love to watch the highlights package. Jerome, Don, Terence and Donna have spent their lives making well-crafted television documentaries about people's lives.

    Can we commission a video on two people?

    Yes. We can make 2 completely separate videos, or combining the 2 people into one video. In this case we usually record 2 separate interviews and intercut them.

    What is the ideal age to have a video made on my parents? 

    We never know what is around the corner! If you are reading this, you should do it sooner rather than later.

    Are these videos like an oral archive?

    Yes and no. Oral histories are a systematic recording of a person’s life, usually with a particular emphasis on a career or a certain period of their lives. However oral history  interviews can  last 8 hours, and are unedited. Our videos are designed to capture the family stories and memories and professionally edit them so they are easily accessible.

    How can you tell someone’s life story in one hour?

    The aim of our videos is to capture the character, and personality of the subject, so that future generations can get a real sense of who they are as people.

    What’s in it for the family member being interviewed? 

    Reliving a long and eventful life can lend new shape and meaning to the past and make the present more interesting. Older people often experience a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from having relived aspects of their life. The contribution to their physical and mental well-being should not be underestimated. 

    Who should have access to material that is gathered? 

    That is completely up to the interviewee and the person commissioning the video.

    Can you include family video footage and photographs?

    Yes.  Old photographs and video footage are essential additions to the story telling. 
    If you can nominate a family member to scan old photographs, that would be a huge help.

    I still have a question you haven't answered

    Get in touch with us via our contact form and we will endeavor to answer your question as soon as we can.